The Applications of Calculus

The social media is abuzz with memes about how many of us will never use Calculus in our daily lives, and yet have to endure the difficulties of learning complex equations, such as differentiation formulas, and concepts presented in the subject. Although the frustration is quite palpable, given the complex and abstract nature of the subject, we must appreciate how Calculus has profound impact on our lives in numerous ways. Let us explore a few of the benefits we continue to reap. And these are the benefits that we take for granted without being grateful for those such as Sir Issac Newton who are responsible for the invention and development of this amazing branch of maths.

The Search Engine

Yes! The search engine which has become such an integral part of our everyday life is essentially based on Calculus. The complex algorithms that give you the exact search results from hundreds of millions of websites are constructed using the very complex Calculus concepts, such as integration formulas, that most of us love to hate. The sheer number of variables used such as the user’s exact location based on IP address, their past search results preferences, the type of device used for the search – the list is endless. Solving billions of equations with so many variables on a daily basis would have been simply impossible without Calculus.

Constructing Accurate Weather Models

Another aspect of our modern day life that we take for granted is the accurate weather forecast. For some of us getting timely weather reports might just be a matter of planning our trip to a movie or visiting our friend. But for millions of people around the world who live in sensitive areas, accurate weather report could a matter of life and death. Whether it is predicting an onset of deadly typhoon or forecasting a killer tsunami much earlier than it occurs, modern weather forecasting gives the people living in those areas ample time to prepare. This saves millions of lives every year and minimises damage to property worth billions of dollars. All these would not have been possible without the mathematical tools developed using Calculus.

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